Horticulturists turned organic apple farmers turned highly-awarded candy and snack maker! Little Apple Treats is a well-rounded small-batch success story!

The Story

Husband and wife team, Joanne and Dan, became accidental apple farmers when they bought land in Sonoma County to expand their flower nursery. With time, Joanne found her interests veering more toward growing edible plants and herbs and, in turn, so did their business. The apple trees were originally just a charming addition to the land but were soon supplying fruit for the farm stand.

After 10 years on the farm Joanne and Dan made their first batch of apple cider vinegar! They used an old wooden apple press and spent a year completing the aging process. The fizzy concoction had the duo hooked. They immediately set out to find its many uses.

From Blossom to Bottle

Joanne and Dan were surprised to find out exactly how many uses they would find for their apples! Little Apple Treats now sell apple cider vinegar, shrubs, mulling spices, granola, cookies, and caramels. Shrubs come in nine different, creative flavors like ‘Blood Orange & Meyer Lemon’ and ‘Plum & Vanilla’.

This little company has not gone unnoticed! Martha Stewart loves Little Apple Treats caramels and featured in her 2018 gift guide. Recently, the caramels received two awards from the Good Food Awards and The Specialty Food Association’s ‘sofi Awards’ – whose judging includes a blind taste test! We can’t wait to see what’s next for these delicious “little apple treats”!

Apple Cider Caramel with Toasted Almond

Apple Cider Caramel with Rose Petals + Cocoa Nibs

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