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Are you a small, independent farmer or food producer helping create a more sustainable and independent food system? We want to help you keep food out of the hands of corporations by providing a free and fair marketplace. Profits from our store go to support The Foodocracy group, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting a more independent and sustainable food system.

The Foodocracy store is the first fair trade independent food marketplace. It provides small, independent farms and family run businesses with fair income opportunities so that they can support local food systems, sustainable agriculture and pay fair wages for their workers.

100% of Foodocracy's proceeds are re-invested in small farms and family owned businesses that support an independent food system. With each sale we are able to work with more farmers and makers.

How It Works

  1. We work directly with small, independent farms and makers that are producing and growing food sustainably. We serve as a model for how a truly independent food system can work and our hope is that other for-profit stores will follow in our footsteps.
  2. We pay a fair price up front.
  3. We pay for goods to be shipped to us.
  4. We tell their story and market their products. No advertising fees, slotting fees, warehouse fees, guarantees or charge backs for returned or unused product. Nothing, Nada, Zip.
  5. We sell your product and ship it to customers across the nation.
  6. The profit covers our overhead to run the store and allows us to invest in more farms like yours and support programs like the Farm Fund and educational events. 

Who Is Eligible To Be Sold In The Store?

If you would like to be added to the store you must be a small, independent food business in the US ethically sourcing your ingredients and contributing to a more independent and sustainable food system. We can only accept shelf stable products with a 12 month or more shelf life at this time. Please do not send samples to us.  

Again, we work directly with farmers and makers so we will not be taking calls from sales agents or distributors. 

We rotate the products and makers in the store periodically so that we can help more makers but we are limited by how much we can take on at one time. We are currently looking for more farmers growing heirloom beans and grains. Other products are on a wait list to be added as we have availability. 

Please email us at info@shopfoodocracy to inquire about becoming one of our partner farmers or makers.


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