Fifth Crow Farms is an organic family owned farm in Pescadero, California. Grounded in a values-based approach to land stewardship, Fifth Crow Farm is a dynamic and diversified organic farm. Founded in 2008 with a shoestring budget, a supportive local community, and ambitious dreams, they strive to bring eaters the highest quality, best tasting, and most nutritious food possible. 

As the average age of American farmers rises and the number of farms decreases, Fifth Crow Farm is dedicated to sustainable farming for future generations. More than a business, the farm aims to create positive change in the food system, focusing on economic viability, social justice, and ecological sustainability. This means enhancing wildlife habitat, improving soil quality, providing a fair work environment, and delivering high-quality, nutritious food to customers.

Diversity and respect guide Fifth Crow Farm's land stewardship. Certified organic by CCOF, the farm avoids synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, using compost, cover crops, and organic fertilizers for soil fertility. Pest control is managed through crop rotation, beneficial insects, and organic-approved sprays as a last resort. The farm grows a variety of crops, favoring this over monoculture.

Partnering with NRCS, the farm has established native hedgerows for beneficial insects and pollinators and installed energy- and water-efficient irrigation systems. Mobile chicken coops enhance soil fertility, control weeds, and disrupt pest life cycles, benefiting future crops.

Fifth Crow Farm believes in fair wages and benefits for its workers, offering long-term, year-round jobs with health benefits, paid sick leave, and vacation. The farm participates in the WIC program, donates surplus produce to local organizations, and supports a scholarship fund for the children of farm employees pursuing higher education.

Fifth Crow Farm’s commitment to sustainable farming and social responsibility makes it a leader in fostering a sustainable and equitable food system for future generations.


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