• March 25, 2019 1 min read

    With creative flavors inspired by Farmer’s Market finds, Laura Ann’s Jams are the perfect complement to… well, just about anything.

    The Story

    After her career as a punk rock drummer began to wind down in the early aughts, Laura Ann Masura started investing her energy into her appreciation for the service industry. While planning out the concept for an all-natural hot dog stand, she began using preserving techniques passed down from her mother and grandmother while developing recipes for her own mustard and ketchup… and ultimately orange marmalade. Making this marmalade reminded her of cooking jams and jellies as a child, but her updated palate led her to dream of all the gorgeous Farmer’s Market produce and herbs that could be incorporated.

    With jars and jars of jams spilling out of her cabinets at home, friends and restaurateurs alike began urging Laura Ann to pursue this as a career.

    The hot dog stand was put on hold while she created Laura Ann’s Jams.

    Flavors Fit for the Punk Rock Set

    Creativity reigns at Laura Ann’s Jams! From the website:

    Masura’s original flavor combinations — Blackberry Bay Leaf, Strawberry Vanilla Bean, Raspberry Habanero, Wild Blueberry Almond — are inspired by excursions to local farmers markets and area farms. She takes pride in making her own jams with all fresh (and, whenever available, organic) ingredients, and is continually dreaming up new ways in which to enjoy her jams. It is truly a labor of love that has friends and fans wondering what she will cook up next.