Ocean’s balance was founded by serious foodies committed to making seaweed a delicious part of your diet. Chefs are taking notice of products like Seaweed Sprinkles and Kelp Puree for their unique flavors. These amazing products use sustainably harvested seaweed from the pristine waters in the Gulf of Maine. Zero-input farming uses no arable land, no fresh water and no fertilizers. Seaweed is one of Earth’s most nutrient-dense foods. It is full of the vitamins and minerals our bodies need to be healthy. 

Mitch Lench

Mitch Lench, CEO and Co-Founder, is an active supporter of conservation and global change. He is committed to providing opportunities that help people rise out of poverty here at home and in developing countries. Mitch co-founded Ocean’s Balance because he is passionate about making seaweed a part of our daily diets. 95% of the seaweed consumed in the US is from Asia. Mitch wants Americans to know there is a cleaner alternative from Maine.

Lisa Scali

Lisa Scali is a foodie at heart. She grew up in an Italian family where food was the glue that bound everyone together. Her passion for food grew while she lived in France where she savored the cuisine with devout reverence. Lisa loves creating new seaweed recipes and experimenting with new products. We love her recipe for a unique spin on deviled eggs. She can also be seen helping on the farms in the middle of winter. It’s a far cry from dining in a Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris, but more rewarding in other ways.


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