butter bean zaatar hummus

Za'atar Butter Bean Hummus

 Creamy, delicious butter beans are pared with zesty za'atar for a delectable spin on traditional hummus.
charred cabbage with miso beans recipe

Charred Cabbage With Miso Beans, Sundried Tomato and Frizzled Onions

Crispy charred cabbage is smothered in delicious umami rich miso beans and sun dried tomatoes then topped with jammy frizzled onions. It's the perfect meal for cozy winter evenings. 

Garden Herb Minestrone Soup

Garden Herb Minestrone Soup

Spanish Alubia Beans with Clams and Chorizo

Spanish Alubia Beans with Clams and Chorizo

Frijoles Guitado Recipe

Frijoles Guitado

This is my beany riff on Pollo Guitado, a beloved chicken dish from Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. This thick tomato stew gets its signature Puerto Rican flavor from Adobo and Sazon. 
bean wellington with red wine reduction

Bean Wellington With Vegan Red Wine Reduction

This plant based delicious Wellington is loaded with the rich delicious flavor you expect at the holidays. With layers of umami, herbs and a decadent red wine reduction it will please even the heartiest meat eaters at the table. 

vegan bean and mushroom bourguignon

Christmas Lima Bean Bourguignon

Dive into the savory delight of our Christmas Lima Bean and Mushroom Bourguignon, a delectable twist on the classic French dish that transcends dietary preferences.
black bean soup recipe

Not So Basic Black Bean Soup

This easy, delicious recipe is our go-to for black bean soup. It's a plant based option among so many that call for sausage or other pork products. It shows us that you don't need meat to develop full, luscious flavors.

Sweet Potato and Garbanzo Bean Hash

Sweet Potato and Garbanzo Bean Hash

pasta e fagioli recipe

Pasta e Fagioli

This beloved Italian classic is a testament to the country's artful simplicity in the kitchen. As we delve into this cherished recipe, we'll honor the time-honored traditions of Italian cuisine by starting with dried cranberry beans, which infuse the dish with unparalleled depth of flavor and an exquisite, creamy texture.

Olive Oil Braised Beans

Olive Oil Braised Beans

In the Basque region of France they don't soak their signature Tolosa beans, they slowly braise them with just water, salt and olive oil. Time and heat to transform even the dense beans from dry to creamy masterpieces. This method works just as well for all heirloom beans! Read more about my bean braising experiments...
air fryer taquitos

Air Fryer Bean Taquitos

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