• June 15, 2019 1 min read

    Kill Sauce has an arsenal of gourmet hot sauces to make you sweat… and then come back for more.

    No Ordinary Hot Sauce Tasting…

    He arrived at the designated meeting spot with a briefcase and hand cuffs. This was not your ordinary tasting. We sat at a hip coffee shop, sort of glad to be in public, tasting impossibly complex and flavorful hot sauces from a guy in mirrored sunglasses. They were all distinct and they all were so much more than just spicy. Deep loves it hot, hotter and hottest while Lisa stops at mildly hot. We both found much to love in Kill Sauce.

    The Story

    The LA-Based “Habanero Cartel” was established in 2013, but their highly-celebrated Kill Sauce was first launched in 2017. They have received accolades from around the world ever since.

    Their secret weapon is the peppers featured in each sauce.

    Kill Sauce is low in salt and sugar and contains no preservatives or GMOs. The secret weapons of these sauces are the peppers. Featuring different varieties in each sauce, you can expect to find fantastic (and hot) sauces like Jalapeno, Ghost, and Carolina.

    There are probably hundreds of hot sauces in the US and most of them contain really shady ingredients. We look first for a hot sauce that is deep and complex with a balance of flavors and second we look for clean ingredients. Kill Sauce is the all-natural hot sauce with a perfect balance of heat and flavor – courtesy of the Habanero Cartel. Use Liberally. Live Longer.