• March 10, 2021 2 min read

    Audra Lawlor left behind her Wall Street life for farm life on Orcas Island without a real plan for what she would do once she got there. She was fueled by a love for the land, and the land delivered her a purpose. Bucolic Orcas Island was once a fruit basket for the West Coast. The climate is quite different from mainland Washington and turns out it's ideal for growing fruit trees like the Italian plumb, Orcas pear and pink pearl apple trees that once created a thriving industry for the island. Over the years the industry died out as less expensive fruit became available on the mainland but the trees continued to grow and produce. When Audra settled on the island she discovered that the fruit from these century-old trees was rotting on the ground, and trees all over the island had fallen into neglect. 

    Audra was determined not to let these heirloom trees go to waste so she began making jams for friends in her kitchen. At the urging of friends and family, Girl Meets Dirt was born and Audra had her mission. She would bring back the fruit trees on Orcas Island and use every part she could of the precious fruit. She started creating the shrubs from the peels and left over bits from the jam making. She even creates bitters from pits, bark and leaves. Many years, countless adventures and 2 kids later, Audra is still speaks for the trees of Orcas Island. Girl Meets Dirt has won countless awards for their delicious offerings including 7 Good Food Foundation Awards and they have received acclaim from everyone from Savour Magazine to The Today Show. We are very proud to introduce you to the uniquely delicious products hand made in this very special place.