Mehdi Boujrada's dream of bringing his Moroccan culinary heritage to America began with an imported olive oil and a vespa. Going door to door, chef to chef, Boujrada sold olive oil to restaurants in Seattle just to get started. When he turned his attention to finding more high quality, authentic products he could import though he hit a brick wall. The larger suppliers that are set up to export didn't use high quality ingredients, the smaller guys making "the good stuff" had trouble with consistency and the logistics of exporting food products. Finally Mehdi's mom came to the rescue, flying to Seattle to help him create the now famous Villa Jarada Harissa No. 1.  The highly acclaimed condiment was just the first of many created in his adopted home with the best, organic ingredients, exacting standards and an insistence on absolute authenticity.  We had the pleasure of meeting Mehdi though the Good Food Foundation and instantly fell in love with all of his delectable products as well as his passion for creating social good through food. 

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