Ethan and Ori started Burlap & Barrel to create new international spice supply chains that are direct, transparent and equitable. They work towards ending inequality and exploitation in food systems that historically disenfranchise skilled farmers.   EVERY SPICE STARTS WITH A FARMER We know that the way our food is grown and its journey from the farm to our plates has a huge impact on flavor, but many folks know very little about where the spices in their kitchen come from. At Burlap & Barrel, they visit farms and spend time with farmers, learning first-hand about the economic, social and cultural factors behind their farming methods. They support their partner farmers to improve the quality, quantity and value of their products.   BUILDING A NEW GLOBAL SUPPLY CHAIN Ethan and Ori source their spices directly from small farms and farmer cooperatives, bypassing the brokers and middlemen who drive prices up and quality down. They work with our partner farmers to maximize their earnings by producing unique spices and valuable byproducts that are often overlooked by the industry.

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