Heirloom Beans + Grains Club

Get impossible to find beans and grains shipped to your doorstep each month. Make every day gourmet with ingredients from Ramona Farms, Geechie Boy, Hayden Mills and more. Discover delicious, rare finds like black garbanzo beans and get recipes and serving suggestions send to your inbox. Gluten Free or Grain Free? No worries we've got you covered with a version just for you.

Choose the size and frequency that works for you. You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time, no strings attached. 

Family size includes 4 beans and one grain in each shipment.  

Small size includes 2 beans and one grain in each shipment. 

Bean Only includes 3 beans in each shipment.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Michael Hennigan
A Wonderful Find

As someone in the Deep South trying to have healthy food choices, this is a wonderful find for heritage foods not available locally

Lisa Mar

I am excited to try the variety of products I got in my beam club box.

Gluten free grain repetitive

The variety of beans is great but the gluten free option has now included cornmeal twice. Since I don’t cook with it that’s two months paying for something I can’t use. Unfortunately I will be cancelling.

Thank you for the feedback Ethna! We have had a couple of people that have requested a grain free version (without corn as well) for their special dietary needs and we are looking at the feasibility of changing the gluten free to be grain free instead. I'm sorry that you could not enjoy the heirloom non-GMO corn products. We will send you a gift certificate for store credit so that you can enjoy something that fits your diet instead. Please share the corn with someone you love.


Heirloom Beans + Grains Club

Love it

Receiving the bean and grain club shipment is a treat each month. I could not be more pleased with the thoughtful collection of items that arrive. Outstanding variety of interesting products, each one is eye opening, as well as so useable and delicious. The flavors and quality of the products are an improvement to our household and quality of life.

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