Heirloom Beans + Grains Club

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Get impossible to find beans and grains shipped to your doorstep each month and save 10-15%. Make every day gourmet with ingredients from Ramona Farms, Marsh Hen Mill, Hayden Mills and more. Discover delicious, rare finds like black garbanzo beans and get recipes and serving suggestions send to your inbox. Gluten Free or Grain Free? No worries we've got you covered with a version just for you.

Choose frequency that works for you. You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time, no strings attached. 

Beans + Grains includes 2 beans and one grain in each shipment. 

Bean Only includes 3 beans in each shipment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
A. Martínez
Loving the bean club!

Wow! I found my club. Once I started cooking beans from scratch, I could never go back. Joining the bean club has brought so much variety to my bean life - heirloom beans I would not have otherwise known about. Small farms I would not have known about - and these are the folks that I want to support. Highly recommend joining this club if you can get a spot!

Linda Eifer
Highly recommend -

I'm a few months into my subscription and loving every delivery. The differences between the bean or grain varieties can be subtle or bold, but always worth exploring. The included recipes help, though I often search the net for other options. I love the help desk. I had a backlog of grains and asked for a few deliveries of beans only. Foodocracy responded immediately and adjusted my order.

Fun, nutritious and interesting

I love the variety of beans and grains I’ve been introduced to through the club. They’ve really sent me on a culinary adventure, and I’ve learned so much about the farmers and the beans’ history. Plus, the beans are just so darn beautiful and wonderful! Not to mention the fabulous customer service. I’m a big fan.

Heather Drayton
Amazing quality

I love knowing where my food is coming from. Even better is the access to recipes and tips!

Janina Kerr-Bryant
So Many Beans!

I love receiving beans and grains at my doorstep--foods I might never otherwise buy or even see. And I love cooking with them! Ordinarily I'm not an online shopper or a utilizer of delivery services, but this beans grains club has added a whole new and rich dimension to my kitchen and table.

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