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Carolina Gold Rice

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Carolina Gold Rice gets it’s name from the beautiful golden hue in the field right before harvest. This long grain rice has exceptional aroma, flavor and texture. It has a subtle nutty almond and floral aromas and flavors as well as a starch structure that makes it uniquely prized by home cooks and chefs alike.

A celebrated  Slow Food Ark of Taste ingredient it was the basis of the colonial and antebellum economy of Carolina and Georgia. Considered the grandfather of long grain rice in the Americas, Carolina Gold became a commercial staple grain in the coastal lands of Charles Towne in the Carolina Territory in 1685. Possessing superior flavor, aroma, texture and cooking qualities, Carolina Gold rice brought fortunes to those who produced it and created an influential culture and cuisine in the city of Charleston. After the depression, Carolina Gold rice lost its prominence to new varieties and became virtually extinct. Greg Johnsman of Geechie Boy Mills helps preserve this bit of South Carolina culinary tradition by growing the historic grain on his Edisto Island family farm. 


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1.5 lb. bag

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Carolina gold rice

Our order arrived quickly. We love the rice and will buy it again,

Love Carolina Gold!

We love this flavor filled rice with it's creamy texture. We also enjoy including heirloom grains in our diet whenever possible.

Alanna Russell

Carolina Gold Rice

Life Changing Rice

I used to think rice was just rice and who would pay extra for a bag of rice. Boy was I wrong. This is seriously life changing rice and I will never go back to supermarket rice ever again. I followed the directions on the package exactly and it turned out perfect. So delicious, it’s now a go-to side for us.

Seriously, good.

This rice upended what I believed to be true about American rice: mass produced blandness. This is amazing. Followed the recipe and it tastes like really good homemade buttered popcorn. I eat a lot of variations on beans and rice, and try heirlooms for flavor. This will remain in my kit from now on.

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