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    Rice Wine Vinegar

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    This premium micro-batch rice wine vinegar elevates everything it touches. American Vinegar Works uses Junmai grade sake that is brewed in California using water from the Sierra Nevada. The taste is bolder and richer than commercial varieties. Taste this side by side with your average rice vinegar and the difference will blow you away. 

    Drizzle it over cucumbers, sprinkle on sushi rice, create a delicate quick picked vegetable where the vinegar won't overwhelm the flavor of the vegetable you are pickling, or sprinkle on any asian inspired dish as a quick hit of acid that will elevate all the flavors. Rice vinegar is also amazing for creating sauces and it pairs well with fruit for a chef worthy gastrique. 

    250 ml glass bottle

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    Judah Thiem
    Good rice wine vinegar

    made some sushi rice with it and it came out great