• July 07, 2024 1 min read

    This stunner of a salad is a healthier take on a Chinese chicken salad  with toasted almonds, mandarin oranges and an irresistible ginger sesame dressing. It's a delicious side dish or top it with grilled tofu to make it the main. 

    What Is Black Rice?

    Black rice traces its origins to ancient China, where its bold flavor and striking appearance captured the hearts of nobility and royalty. Heralded as a

    culinary treasure, it was bestowed the enigmatic title of "forbidden rice," its consumption reserved solely for the privileged few. Beyond its amazing flavor and eye catching color lies a powerhouse of nutrition, boasting a rich array of antioxidants, protein, iron, and fiber. But what truly sets this rice apart is its irresistible flavor, with each kernel exuding a subtle nuttiness and earthy aroma, accompanied by a mesmerizing deep purple-black hue. This Sable Long Grain Black Rice is grown on the Mississippi Delta by a family dedicated to sustainable, regenerative practices. Regenerative practices don't just take care of the land, they take care of our health, yielding greater nutrient density in our food.



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