Foodocracy is partnering with community organizations and small farms across the nation to make a huge impact on our food system through the Heirloom Bean and Grain Project. Our mission is to strengthen local food systems, promote bio-diversity, provide small, family owned farms with sustainable income and change the way we eat from plow to plate.

The cornerstone of the project is a monthly subscription club that not only supports small farms and regenerative agriculture, it also raises much needed funds for research, community outreach and grants to help women and minority farmers. 

Each membership in the Heirloom Bean Club supports small, independent farms and the independent food movement. Your membership allows us to predict how many beans we can sell for the farmers and that allows them to plan each crop knowing that it will be sold at a fair price. Help us fight Big Ag and the increasing industrialization of our food chain with a membership today.

Heirloom Bean and Grain Club


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