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What's the best bean to have with chili?

Ah, chili conundrums! The perfect bean should hold its shape and add a delightful texture. Think Jacobs Cattle beans, Oaxaca Black beans, Southwest Gold, or the intriguingly named Old Indian Woman. Get creative with those heirloom varieties!

Can I make bean flour from dried beans?

Absolutely! Bean flour is a fantastic way to jazz up your culinary creations. You can grind any dry beans into flour to cook with. But remember, always cook it before use! Raw beans contain a sneaky toxin that's a no-go for smoothie enthusiasts.

Is my hominy expired?

Fear not, hominy enthusiasts! That date on your hominy isn't an expiration but a chef's seal of freshness. It's the date that the hominy was created. Thanks to nixtamalization, your hominy's good to go for three years. But why wait? Dive into that corny goodness sooner rather than later!

How do I store grains?

Keep those grains cool as cucumbers in the fridge or freezer. It'll keep the oils found in all grains from turning rancid and ensure your grains stay fresh beyond their Best By date.  Keep 'em cool, keep 'em fresh – except for hominy, which is basically indestructible, that can be kept in the pantry.

How do I store beans?

Pantry vibes or pretty glass jars – the choice is yours! Just don't forget to label those jars. Nobody wants a mystery bean surprise!

Do I need to refrigerate pumpkin seed oil even if it isn't opened?

Seed oils are like delicate flowers – they thrive in the cool embrace of the fridge and they perish in heat. Keep that pumpkin seed oil chilled, and it'll reward you with its nutty goodness long after the best by date.

What's the difference between a best by date and an expiration date?

Expiration dates are the red flags for food safety, while best by dates are more like gentle nudges towards peak freshness. It's all about quality versus safety, folks!

What's the best way to cook beans?

Cooking beans is an art form, and we've got the ultimate guide to mastering it. Say goodbye to mushy messes and hello to perfectly cooked legumes!

What is Kombu?

Prepare to meet your kitchen ninja – Kombu! This sea veggie adds a punch of umami to your dishes without shouting "seaweed." Plus, it's a nutritional powerhouse, so you can feel good about sneaking it into your meals. It even helps you digest beans more easily so add it to the pot every time.

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