Here are the heirloom beans and grains in your March Box and some recipes and tips on what to do with them.

Family Size Box

The family size box contains Rancho Gordo Buckeye Beans, Rancho Gordo Rancho Gordo Santanero Negro Delgado Beans, Ramona Farms Hopi Blue Cornmeal, Ramona Farms White Tepary Beans, Chili Smith Black Garbanzo Beans.


Small Box

The small box contains Rancho Gordo Buckeye Beans, Rancho Gordo Rancho Gordo Santanero Negro Delgado Beans, Blue Bird Grain Farms Whole Einkorn Wheat Berries. * Gluten Free substitute is Jimmy Red Cornmeal.


Rancho Gordo Buckeye BeansBuckeye Beans 

Buckeye is also known as Yellow Indian Woman and out of dozens of beans from Rancho Gordo this one is a favorite. It is incredibly creamy, almost more like a classic black turtle bean than anything else. It's dense without being intense. Buckeye is thought to be originally from Montana, known for its short growing season.

The Buckeye bean has an amazing flavor all it's own and doesn't need a lot of fuss to make a delicious meal. Honestly it's the perfect bean for salads, soups, dips, baked beans, chili and so much more.  Let your imagination run wild with this one. It's one of our favorites to use in Heirloom Bean and Parmesan Soup and Lemon Buckeye Beans  and for a lighter lunch try this Harvest Apple Salad.

About Rancho Gordo

Rancho Gordo beans by Steve Sando are kinda a big deal.  It started as a hobby of growing heirloom beans and figuring out different ways to cook them and quickly led to farmer’s markets.  When the people started loving all the varieties he grew, as much as Steve did, he knew he was onto something good. Read More...

Santanero Negro Delgado BeansRancho Gordo Heirloom Beans

 This impossible to find bean is part of the XOXOC project by Rancho Gordo. The Santanero is a favorite black bean from Oaxaca, a place where black beans are practically a religion. They are renown for the delectable soupy liquid they give off so they are best prepared simply as a pot of beans. Enjoy them as a side sprinkled with some cheese, cilantro or use them in burritos, tacos and salads. 


White Tepary Beans from Ramona FarmsWhite Tepary Beans

These Non-GMO heirloom beans are the original superfood of the Sonoran Desert having sustained Native American people for countless generations. Highly acclaimed for it's nutritional value the stotoah bavi (white tepary bean) is noted for its unique and delicious naturally sweet yet savory flavor and creamy texture. The white tepary bean make delicious hummus, soups, salads, dips and spreads. 

Ramona Farms shares with us their traditional foods grown on the ancestral lands of the Akimel O'Odham (Gila River Pima) tribe in Arizona's Sonora Desert. An ingredient in the Slow Food Ark of Taste, the tepary bean is believed to be the world’s most drought tolerant bean, and higher in fiber and protein than most other beans with a low glycemic index and superior taste.

Read more about Ramona Farms and the tepary bean here. 

Hopi Blue Stone Ground Cornmeal

Hopi Blue Cornmeal

This very rare ingredient is sustainable grown from heirloom seeds passed down from generation to generation in the Hopi tribe and grown by Ramona Farms. It is stone ground to create a coarse cornmeal that is grey/blue in color and has a more nutty taste than yellow cornmeal.

The distinctive flavor of the Hopi Blue Cornmeal is unlike any cornmeal you've ever had before. It has a decidedly southwestern taste that makes amazing tamales and blue corn cakes. 


Black Garbanzo Beans

Black chickpeas or garbanzo beans are a rare type chickpea originating from India or Italy. They are slightly more nutty and flavorful than the beige counterpart. These unique black garbanzos are grown right here in the US from heritage seeds by Chili Smith. They are a striking and delicious substitute for chickpeas in all your favorite recipes. We highly recommend this amazing recipe from The Splendid Table and this Black Chickpea Stew Recipe by Mark Bitman.

Chili Smith Family Foods grows all his beans in California to exacting standards higher than US Organic standards. They are all Non-GMO and farm fresh. We are very excited to have Chili Smith in the Foodocracy Store! 

Blue Bird Grains Whole Grain Wheatberries

Whole Grain Einkorn Wheat Berries

This organic ancient wheat berry offers delicious possibilities for pilafs, risottos, soups, and salads. Einkorn, a German word meaning ‘single grain’, is one of the oldest cereal grains to be cultivated by man and it’s a nutrient powerhouse. Grown organically and sustainably by Bluebird Grain Farms it is a 100% whole grain (never pearled) for maximum nutrient density. Wheat Berries are similar to barley in texture with a nutty and subtly sweet fruity flavor. We often cook up a pot on the weekend to keep in the refrigerator all week to toss in a variety of dishes. We hope you'll love this nutritious and versatile grain as much as we do.

Einkorn, a German word meaning ‘single grain’, is one of the oldest cereal grains to be cultivated by man for human consumption and is believed to have been domesticated around 7500 BC. Once the primary grain of in the UK it fell out of favor in the Bronze Age and almost disappeared until being rediscovered by small farms and artisanal bakers just a decade ago. The grain has delicious and complex flavours, as well as presenting various nutritional benefits to the consumer such as higher levels of protein and antioxidants than regular wheat.

Einkorn Wheat Berries have a delicious nutty flavor and a toothy bite similar to barley. It's amazing in soups, salads and grain bowls. We are loving this hearty Einkorn Cauliflower Bowl to keep us warm on cold winter nights. 

About Bluebird Grain Farms

Bluebird Grain Farms’ mission is to cultivate and mill the most irresistible, nutrient-rich ancient grains they can while leaving this land healthier for the next generation. Bluebird’s founding principles in soil health, nutrition, and agroecology are being expanded as they partner with like-minded “tried and true” organic grain farmers who share their founding principals of growing food for soil health and optimal nutrition. Together with their team of family farmers in eastern Washington this einkorn is grown organically, producing a 100% whole grain (never pearled) for maximum nutrient density. 


Jimmy Red Cornmeal 

This delicious Ark of Taste heirloom cornmeal is sweeter, fresher and more flavorful than conventional brands. Jimmy Red is a bright red corn with a colorful history and a celebrated reputation with chefs. Thanks to chefs like Sean Brock it has burst onto the culinary scene and is adorning restaurant menus throughout the US.

Now protected in the Slow Food Ark of Taste, Jimmy Red was a Native American corn that made its way south to Florida, Georgia and the South Carolina Islands where it was largely used to create moonshine. It was not well known outside of bootlegger circles until the last of the bootleggers passed away and nearly took Jimmy Red with him. Lucky for us someone saved a couple of ears and gave them to a celebrated farmer and seed saver who found that this unique variety was good for much more than hooch. He gave seeds to several small farmers including Geechie Boy Mill who makes spectacular grits and cornmeal with the grain. 

Why all the fuss?  Jimmy Red is a distinctly unique corn with a nutty aroma and a personality all it's own. It has been said that tasting grits made of Jimmy Red is like tasting what grits must have tasted like in the 1800s. 

Enjoy Jimmy Red in historic Hoe Cakes, or use it in your favorite cornbread recipe. Whatever you make with cornmeal, it will be delicious with Jimmy Red.  


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