Spring has sprung and we have some exciting heirloom beans to chase away those winter blues. From beautiful green Flageolet to the rare Mitla Tepary, celebration comes to your table regardless of what mother nature dishes up outside.

**Due to an extreme shortage of heirloom beans this season, this will be the LAST MONTH we will be offering the Family Size Box. All Family Size subscriptions will be moved to the Regular Size starting in April. 


Organic Mitla Tepary Black Beans, Organic Flageolet Beans, Organic Emmer Farro, Organic Cannellini Beans, Organic King City Pink Beans


Organic Mitla Tepary Black Beans, Organic Flageolet Beans, Organic Emmer Farro


Organic Mitla Tepary Black Beans, Organic Flageolet Beans, Organic Cannellini Beans


Hailing from the Mitla Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico, these, small dense black beans are an exceptionally flavorful variety of tepary bean. Tepary beans are among the most drought tolerant and ancient beans in the world. There is evidence that they were grown and eaten over 5,000 years ago in Mexico. The real bean geeks will appreciate that this little bean is the subject of some botany debate. Some say it is not a true tepary, Phaseolus acutifolius,but is instead a member of the Phaseolus vulgaris species. 


Mitla Black Tepary is a small, quick-cooking bean with a firm, creamy texture. Its delicate nutty- sweet flavor complements other southwestern classics like chiles, cumin, and cilantro in soups, stews, and refried bean dishes. As is the case with many landrace varieties it requires longer cooking time which of course can be shortened by pre-soaking.  


Fifth Crow Farm Teddy Miller 2019


Fifth Crow Farms is an organic family owned farm in Pescadero, California. Grounded in a values-based approach to land stewardship, Fifth Crow Farm is a dynamic and diversified organic farm in Pescadero, CA. Founded in 2008 with a shoestring budget, a supportive local community, and ambitious dreams, they strive to bring eaters the highest quality, best tasting, and most nutritious food possible. 

Fifth Crow Farm wants their farm to be more than a business: they strive to make it an engine for positive change in the food system. They are stewarding the land in a way that not only respects but improves habitat for wildlife and builds better soil for future farmers. They also believe in creating a healthy, fulfilling, and fair work environment, and providing their customers with the best tasting, most nutritious, highest quality food possible.


This heirloom bean is a French classic similar to a navy bean and one of our favorites. They are dried to the most beautiful spring green but turn creamy white when cooked. This beautiful crop is among the finest we've ever seen. They range in color from minty green to white. That is because it is impossible to get an entire field to ripen at once. We've had crops that were mostly white but this is an excellent crop, picked at the perfect moment. We are very excited to offer you these fresh-off-the-farm Flageolets that will cook up quickly to creamy perfection. 


Flageolet is mild and creamy and pairs perfectly with chicken, fish or lamb but also make a wonderful vegetarian dish.  It is a classic spring bean paired with lamb as in this recipe from New York Times. They work great in anything slow cooked like a cassoulet because although they are mild and tender they hold their shape with long cooking. We love them slow cooked on the stove with stock, onion and tomatoes. The flageolet is a favorite among many chefs for everything from soups to sides and they'll find a perfect place on your table. This delicious lemony salad by Martha Stewart is a staff favorite and we think it would make a great addition to your Easter or Passover table. If you're looking for something a little warmer, this creamy flageolet soup recipe from New York Times is delicious. 


These beans come to us from Primary Beans, a wonderful company that we love working with. They are one of the few exceptions we make in our commitment to work directly with farmers and that's because we have very much aligned missions to support small, local farmers and pay fair prices. These gorgeous organic Flageolets are grown by M&M Heath Farm in Idaho’s Magic Valley in South Central Mike Heath is considered an organic pioneer by his peers (and even featured in Michael Pollan’sBotany of Desire!), relying on complex crop rotations to cultivate healthy and alive soil, beneficial insects for pest control, and compost as natural fertilizer. Today, bean production is largely stewarded by Alvaro, who has been Mike’s right hand for 20+ years.


We are excited to offer you Bluebird Grain Farm's most popular grain. Emmer is a type of farro (an ancient hulled wheat) that dates back to early civilization. Grown organically in the Pacific Northwest, it has 28 chromosomes and predates Spelt. Emmer cooks in around 50-60 minutes on the stovetop and about 30 minutes in the pressure cooker, they can also be soaked overnight to reduce cooking time. When cooked, it provides full-bodied flavor and a chewy texture with over 16% protein. It is a versatile grain, making an excellent pilaf, grain salad, risotto, addition to soup or sprouted for bread and salads. When mixed with lentils, beans or chickpeas it makes a complete protein and is thus a staple food in many households.


Use whole grains like Emmer Farro as you would rice or barley. They make excellent salads, grain bowls and pilafs. The nutty flavor of Emmer will go well with our warm winter gain bowl. Try a grain bowl with a Southwestern twist with our Burrito Grain Bowl. Once cooked, Emmer Farro can be kept in the refrigerator for up to a week and is an excellent addition to salads like this lemon and herb summer wheat berry salad


Bluebird Grain Farm

Bluebird Grain Farms’ mission is to cultivate and mill the most irresistible, nutrient-rich ancient grains they can while leaving this land healthier for the next generation. In 2004 Sam and Brook started Bluebird Grain Farms as a husband and wife team because they could not find locally grown organic grains in the Pacific Northwest. Bluebird’s founding principles in soil health, nutrition, and agroecology are being expanded as they partner with like-minded “tried and true” organic grain farmers who share their founding principals of growing food for soil health and optimal nutrition. 


The King City Pink has a rich history and a big flavor. They have a delicious taste that will knock you over it's so good. King City Pinks are dense and meaty with a delicate, thin skin and a luscious broth. The are about the size of a navy bean, larger than the other pink bean famous in California, the pinquito. 

In the 1800s Charles King purchased inexpensive land on the central coast region of California not far from Monterey. When he was successful growing wheat, King City was born and quickly became an agricultural hub also growing the pink beans that bear its name. By the 1930s when John Steinbeck wrote Tortilla Flats, King City was shipping pink beans across the nation. Steinbeck has deep connections to King City and mentions the pink beans in Tortilla Flats and uses the town as a setting for several scenes in Of Mice and Men. Steinbeck's father claimed to have been the first permanent resident of King City and he met and married his wife there. 

curried king city pink beans


These delicious pink beans are so flavorful you hardly have to do anything to them, but their dense meaty texture makes them an excellent choice for many vegan meals. They reminded us of a more flavorful chickpea so we came up with this mouth watering King City Pink Curry. We served it over rice but it would be equally good served over the Enika and Lentil mixture for an even bigger boost of protein and heirloom goodness. Get the recipe HERE>>


The cannellini bean is a white kidney bean developed in Argentina and brought to Itally where it became incredibly popular in dishes like pasta e fagioli and minestrone. It is particularly popular in Tuscany. Due to its large size and meaty texture it takes a bit longer to cook.

tuscan white bean toast


Crispy toast with creamy white beans, chard and a drizzle of fresno chili oil is perfect served with a chilled glass of rosé on a summer afternoon. This delectable plant based dish is so hearty you could have it for dinner or cut the toast into smaller pieces and serve as an appetizer. Omit the parmesan cheese to make this vegan. Get the Recipe >>

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