Etto Pastifico

Etto Pastifico Pasta


This artisanal non GMO, vegan pasta has just two ingredients, sustainably grown flour and water. Made in California using Italian wisdom and local ingredients, it is kneaded in small batches and extruded thought Italian Bronze dies before being dried slowly at low temperatures to maintain flavor, texture and nutrients. 

Italians eat pasta by the Etto (100 grams or about 1/4 pound). An Etto represents a sensible portion of pasta for one person as either a prime or as part of a balanced meal. Etto pasta contains 12 grams of protein per Etto serving, and is a complex carbohydrate with a low glycemic index.


Customer Reviews

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pam letourneau
Etto Pasta

I cooked it with some Preserve the Harvest added to it at the end. I love how it kept its shape and provided for a slow down of chewing!! Next I'm going to have it alone with a bit of olive oil- I want to savor the taste. But mostly, it's grown and produced in CA supporting our grains and local agriculture.

Karen Khonsari

Foodocracy did it again - another spectacular product.

Piero Longhi
Pasta passion

Awesome pasta!

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