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Chef's Favorite Organic Heirloom Bean Bundle

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This show stopping collection of sustainable, organic heirloom beans is chef chosen and farm to fork fresh. It's like having the farmers market delivered to your doorstep. Up your meal game by exploring 3 unique varieties of dried heirloom beans carefully chosen for their mouthwatering flavor, sustainability, nutrient density and most importantly delectable versatility.  We are committed to supporting small, independent farms and the important work they are doing for biodiversity and soil health.



This very rare bean comes from Brazil. It's one of those beans that is so beautiful you don't know if you should cook it or put it on the table as a centerpiece. The dappled steal blue color is striking. Don't be tempted to leave them in the pantry or turn them into jewelry though because you'll be missing out on a rare treat. The moro is like a cross between a pinto and a black bean with a creamy dense texture and thin skin. The flavor is closer to a black bean with earthy undertones and a broth so velvety and delicious you'll be lapping it up. Fifth Crow Farms got their hands on the seeds for these gems from Brazil through a seed exchange and they are growing them organically. 

Fifth Crow Farms is an organic family owned farm in Pescadero, California. Grounded in a values-based approach to land stewardship, Fifth Crow Farm is a dynamic and diversified organic farm in Pescadero, CA. Founded in 2008 with a shoestring budget, a supportive local community, and ambitious dreams, they strive to bring eaters the highest quality, best tasting, and most nutritious food possible.



You'll find many a chef at the Santa Monica Farmers Market picking up these delectable, regenerative organic beans from Kandarian Organic Farms. The  Ayoocte is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the Americas. In Oaxaca it is used in everything from soups to tamales. We love the amazing flavor and dense, creamy texture. Depending on availability you will either get Morado or Negro. The Ayocote Morado is a gorgeous purple color that becomes a chocolate brown when cooked. The Negro is midnight black. It's a fairly large sized bean and has a meaty quality making it ideal as a vegetarian main dish. 

When it comes to ancient grains and farming, Larry Kandarian is legendary. He is passionate about growing better tasting food that is also better for us and the planet. His incredibly diverse array of grains, legumes, herbs and spices grown in Los Osos, California are all carefully chosen heirloom varieties that work together to create a self-sustaining eco-system that requires no fertilizer, pesticides or weed killers. All of this leads to better soil health, and when you grow food in better soil it just tastes better.


These organic heirloom beans are the original superfood of the Sonoran Desert having sustained Native American people for countless generations. Highly acclaimed for it's nutritional value, the stotoah bavi (white tepary bean) is noted for its unique and delicious naturally sweet yet savory flavor and creamy texture. The white tepary bean makes delicious hummus, soups, salads, dips and spreads. 

Ramona Farms shares with us their traditional foods grown on the ancestral lands of the Akimel O'Odham (Gila River Pima) tribe in Arizona's Sonora Desert. An ingredient in the Slow Food Ark of Taste, the tepary bean is believed to be the world’s most drought tolerant bean, and higher in fiber and protein than most other beans with a low glycemic index and superior taste.

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Judah Thiem
Delicious bundle

All three of these beans were great

Keith Mills

Absolutely Delicious!

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