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Apple Cider Hot Vinegar

Everyone that tries this staff favorite is head over heals. It's smoky with a hint of spice without being spicy. The complex flavors unfold as it swirls around in your mouth and you instantly start thinking of all the delicious ways you'll use it. It's the kind of ingredient that makes you really happy to be in the kitchen.

This transformative apple cider vinegar is made by fermenting New England apple  cider with a mix of fruit, spices, and peppers. It will start with a slightly smoky or bacon flavor followed by a savory note and, finally, just a touch of heat. 

Cocktails - This is amazing with bourbon and autumn spice syrup. 

Everything else - Marinade meat, finish roast veggies, sprinkle over rice dishes, finish soup or stew, sauces, deglaze pans with it and drizzle over finished meat dishes, the uses are literally endless.

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My favorite ingredient for EVERYTHING

This is the absolute best finishing vinegar I've ever tried. It blows away my 20 year cask aged sherry vinegar! The complex flavors with hints of warm heat and a whisper of smoke deliver so much to every single thing I use it on...which is a lot. Chefs have always used acid at the end of cooking to heighten flavors. A splash in a creamy bean soup brightens the dish and makes the flavors sing. a drizzle on roasted carrots, braised greens or a roast brings everything together and just adds that extra layer you're looking for. It takes recipes from ordinary to gourmet.

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