PIment d'Ville

Piment d'Ville Espelette Pepper - Original Flavor

This sweet and spicy Basque espelette pepper is locally grown in California and meticulously hand harvested by farmer Nacho in the small town of Boonville. Prized by French chefs, this ingredient was only available imported from France until a Napa Valley chef committed to sustainability made it his mission to bring the seeds to his own farm.  

Called Piment d'Espelette because it is cultivated in the French commune of Espelette, Piment d'Ville is grown from the same seeds. The climate and soil in this little town is similar to the terroir of Espelette, France, making it an ideal place to grow this magnificent pepper that is the magic ingredient to so many recipes.  

Basque Chefs call Piment d'Ville "The Third Spice" and use it in their cooking as often as they use salt & pepper. The Piment d'Ville pepper is sweet and spicy, warm not hot.  It's adds a just the perfect splash of flavor to your favorite dishes. 

Just likes the chefs, we love using this pepper on everything from roasted vegetables to fresh fruit to seasoning grilled meats flawlessly.  

About the Maker

It all started with a crazy chef.  When it comes to sourcing his ingredients, Johnny wants the absolute best and is unwilling to compromise quality. The restaurant was going through a pound of imported piment d'espelette every month until his salesman friend had an idea. "Well if it's so well-known that the area can grow world class wine games and marijuana, why not try peppers?" 

Next came Nacho, a farmer whose expertise began during his childhood farming with his father in Mexico. Nacho believed everything should be done the old-fashioned way, completely by hand. He experimented for 3 years with traditional growing and drying methods. 

The farm grows the peppers organically using traditional methods. Small continual harvests span a four-month period from September to December while the peppers are picked, dried, de-stemmed and de-seeded all entirely by hand. Then Nacho smiles with pride as he grinds the dried chiles bucket by bucket.

Johnny, the chef who insisted that this pepper be grown locally in California, is part of the family who initially opened the world renowned 3 Star Michelin restaurant, French Laundry in Yountville, CA. With good food in his heart and his heritage, you can trust that this is definitely something special.  This will become a part of your spice rack must-have.  

This is a Food/ocracy exclusive so you won't find it in other stores.

Original Flavor Comes in a 1.5oz Glass Jar

Customer Reviews

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Julie Shaffer

Piment d'Ville Espelette Pepper - Original Flavor

Tameron Keyes Keyes

Piment d'Ville Espelette Pepper - Original Flavor


Love this addition to the spice cabinet. While staying in I have cooked a lot of beans, rice, and vegetables. This gives a great geo-location flavoring. A little sweet, a little bit spicy, wonderfully fragrant, and a great variation on my peppery tour. Will buy more.

Matthew Radish
Piment d’Ville Espelette Pepper.

Seasoning without the concern of salt.

James J
Go Boonville, CA

I just finished putting it on some corn-on-the-cob my daughter prepared just when this review request arrived - perfect timing. Just like most things, Piment d’Ville Pepper made a common dish, uncommon. Highly recommended, purchase straight-away.

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