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Organic Southwest Gold Beans

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Southwest Gold is a new heirloom adaptation of the highly sought Zuni Gold (also called Four Corners). Taste testers agree that the Southwest Gold doesn't disappoint on flavor or texture. Grown organically by legendary Ernie's organics in Idaho, we are so excited to offer the new Southwest Gold. 

The Zuni Gold was originally cultivated in the four corners region (Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico) by the Zuni people that were the first inhabitants of the region. It is so iconic and delicious it's recognized in the Slow Food Ark of Taste. Sadly the mosaic virus and drought conditions have made commercial growing almost impossible.  Luckily UC Davis came to the rescue to help preserve the best qualities of this iconic bean but improving the yield and resilience through cross pollination with other bean varieties. They spent years growing and perfecting this adapted heirloom to retain the taste and texture of Zuni Gold and we are happy to say the results are delicious.


These beans come to us from Primary Beans, a wonderful company that we love working with. They are one of the few exceptions we make in our commitment to work directly with farmers and that's because we have very much aligned missions to support small, local farmers and pay fair prices. These gorgeous organic beans are grown by the regenerative pioneers, Earnies Organics. Earnie's Organics is a charming and thriving organic farm located in the picturesque state of Idaho. Nestled amidst rolling hills and verdant landscapes, this family-owned establishment has been committed to sustainable farming practices since its inception. With a passion for preserving the environment and promoting healthy living, Earnie's Organics specializes in growing organic dry beans with no-till practices. 

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This was also a gift, and the recipient has not yet had a chance to cook the beans.

Excellent Beans

We had these with our leftover Christmas ham for New Year's. Excellent beans! We soaked in water for three days (changed water daily) and cooked (slow simmer) with ham hock and spices on the stove for half a day. They have a creamy and light bean flavor with a soft consistency. I would definitely buy these beans again.

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