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Organic Cracked Farro Porridge

We are excited to offer you Bluebird Grain Farm's most popular grain as a versatile cracked grain. Winner of the Good Food Award, don't let the porridge name fool you, it's not just for breakfast! Used in Northern Italy as a savory porridge, this milled-to-order Organic Cracked Farro Porridge is a nutritious whole-grain cereal that can be used as a hot cereal or prepared polenta-style with fresh herbs and roasted vegetables or roasted meats. 

Emmer is a type of farro (an ancient hulled wheat) that dates back to early civilization. Grown organically in the Pacific Northwest using regenerative farming methods, it has 28 chromosomes and predates Spelt. This nutty grain is similar to the wildly popular and very rare Seashore Black Rye, you can substitute it in all of our recipes. Cracked in a fine grind from signature whole-grain Emmer Farro, this porridge is an excellent source of protein, fiber, phosphorus, and trace minerals. It is naturally sweet, rich, and nutty, with a creamy texture.  


We love using it in dishes both savory and sweet. Cooking time on the stovetop is 12-15 minutes.  2 minutes in an Instant pot. Enjoy with fruit, spices and nuts. 

Gingerbread Farro Porridge With Pear and Toasted Pecans

Delicious, nutty ancient grain porridge is infused with ginger and spice and everything nice then  topped with toasted pecans, sorghum syrup and juicy pear for an irresistible breakfast treat. GET THE RECIPE


Bluebird Grain Farm

Bluebird Grain Farms’ mission is to cultivate and mill the most irresistible, nutrient-rich ancient grains they can while leaving this land healthier for the next generation. In 2004 Sam and Brook started Bluebird Grain Farms as a husband and wife team because they could not find locally grown organic grains in the Pacific Northwest. Bluebird’s founding principles in soil health, nutrition, and agroecology are being expanded as they partner with like-minded “tried and true” organic grain farmers who share their founding principals of growing food for soil health and optimal nutrition. 

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Soaked overnight and cooked, delicious. Reminiscent of Ralston. 

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