Can a condiment be life changing? We think so. With just the right balance of sweet and spicy, the hot honey from Red Clay is our new favorite ingredient on everyrthing!  Here are the top 10 ways we suggest using it!

1.  Drizzle over cheese - The cheese will interact with the spice to make it taste more mild making it more approachable on your next party tray. 

2. Air Frier Hot Wings - A little salt and pepper, an air frier and then finish with a drizzle of hot honey for super healthy wings that are packed with flavor.

Red Clay Hot Honey

3. French Fries - Pure indulgence has never been so good. We may never leave the house without our hot honey again. A simple basket of fries is suddenly so much more with some hot honey.

4. Pork Carnitas - We are obsessed with this simple recipe from Chef Geoff Rhyne, the creator of Red Clay. 

5. Pizza - Elevate that slice of pizza with a drizzle of the good stuff. Wow! 

6. Ice Cream - A decidedly grown up way to finish the meal. Sprinkle some corn flakes on top for a crunch and an unexpected throw back to your childhood. 

7. Hot Honey Carrot Flat Bread -  Fast and easy to create but fancy enough for a party.

8. Salad Dressing - Honey honey with your favorite vinegar (we love it with the Hot Vinegar from American Vinegarworks) takes every salad next level.  Try it with our roasted root vegetable quinoa salad, or try this radicchio hot honey salad by Bon Appetit

9. Glazed Salmon - Mix with a little soy sauce or vinegar and brush on salmon before putting on the grill or boiler. Cook the salmon skin side down and don't put the honey glaze on the side that is down. 

red clay hot honey

10. Fried chicken - No recipe needed for amazing hot honey chicken, jut make your favorite fried chicken recipe and drizzle with hot honey for a delicoius treat. Throw it all on a waffle for the full experience. 

11. Cocktails - Oh yes! When using honey in mixology remember to warm the bottle a bit in your hands first and always combine the alcohol and the honey first, then add whatever mixers you want BEFORE adding ice.  This would make a great spicy twist on the bees knees cocktail.  

12: Spicy Roasted Carrot Hummus - This easy recipe makes the most addictive hummus ever. Spread on crackers or toast points and drizzle with a little extra hot honey.


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