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    Come what may, this collection is what you've bean waiting for. (See what we did there?) This month is straight up some of our all time favorites. No theme really other than our favorites. 


    Organic White Tepary Beans, Organic Ayocote Morado Beans, Organic Blonde Sushi Rice


    Organic White Tepary Beans, Organic Ayocote Morado Beans, Maycoba Beans


    These organic heirloom beans are the original superfood of the Sonoran Desert having sustained Native American people for countless generations. The white tepary bean is noted for its unique sweet yet savory flavor and creamy texture. It is one of the most delicious and versatile beans we've ever tasted.

    An ingredient in the Slow Food Ark of Taste, the tepary bean is believed to be the world’s most drought tolerant bean, and higher in fiber and protein than most other beans with a low glycemic index and superior taste.

    Spicy White Tepary Bean Hummus Recipe


    What not to do with them is more the question! These are a delicious upgrade for any white bean dish. This spicy white tepary bean hummus is on repeat in our house. My husband has declared it the best hummus he's ever had. On some of these cool May evenings a 3 Sisters Stew , Broccoli Bean Soup or White Tepary Bean and Parsnip Soup would hit the spot. They are amazing tossed into salads for a fast lunch or add them to a tuscan tuna salad for extra protein on this no-mayo recipe. One of my favorite ways to enjoy them requires no recipe at all. Simply smash cooked tepary white tepary beans with avocado, slather onto toast and top with some sea salt and the chili flake of your choice. I love using the Seaweed Sprinkles from Ocean's Balance for the extra zing.


    This ancient heirloom bean is one of the oldest cultivated plants in the Americas. In Oaxaca it is used in everything from soups to tamales. We love the amazing flavor and dense, creamy texture. The Ayocote Morado is a gorgeous purple color that becomes a chocolate brown when cooked. It's a fairly large sized bean and has a meaty quality making it ideal as a vegetarian main dish. 

    This bean pairs well with earthy flavors like greens and mushrooms and it's an excellent alternative to the Christmas Lima in this delicious Heirloom Bean, Carmelized Onion and Mushroom recipe. Their meaty texture makes them my favorite bean to use as a main dish. I love using them in place of meat for tacos. Just make your basic pot of beans and add some cumin and chili powder to the pot and spoon on tortillas adding cilantro diced onion and some avocado. The first time we had these beans we cooked them simply with just salt and water and the broth was mouthwatering. We added mole sauce and served with a fried egg, cilantro and tortillas for one of those rustic meals that you keep coming back to again and again. The Ayocote Morado is also an excellent choice for this Hearty Bean Soup recipe and it's my favorite choice in this Smoky Beef Chili Mole.


    Larry Kandarian


    When it comes to ancient grains and farming, Larry Kandarian is legendary. Meeting Larry at the Santa Monica farmers market feels like meeting an agricultural prophet. He can talk to you all day about varieties of beans and grains you've never heard of and how going beyond just organic to fully sustainable and regenerative farming creates better tasting food. His deeply weathered hands from over 50 years working in the fields, let you know that he's the real deal. Unlike others, Larry doesn't just own a farm, he is a true farmer. He is passionate about growing better tasting food that is also better for us and the planet. His incredibly diverse array of grains, legumes, herbs and spices grown in Los Osos, California are all carefully chosen heirloom varieties that work together to create a self-sustaining eco-system that requires no fertilizer, pesticides or weed killers. All of this leads to better soil health, and when you grow food in better soil it just tastes better. You can listen to Larry on a podcast by Consumed here. 

    Not A Member? Join The Club


    Fresh Milled California Japonica has the ultimate fresh and nutty flavor with a delicious fragrance and bold taste that will leave you craving more with every bite. The extra bran layer is packed with nutrition, keeping you fuller, longer. This 100% organic rice is grown and milled in sunny California by a small family farm determined to change the way you think about rice. 


    We love using this delicious sushi rice for easy summer poke bowls but it also makes an amazing risotto! Of course you'll want to start with some sushi rice. This recipe from New York Times is a great guide. Make sure to pick up some really good rice wine vinegar like this one from American Vinegar Works. Try your hand at making some sushi at home, its really fun and easier than you think. Got left over sushi rice? This 10 minute traditional Japanese rice soup will hit the spot. You could also turn them into Onigiri or Japanese Rice Balls with this step by step instructions from The Spruce Eats. Or simply serve it as a side dish topped with some spicy seaweed sprinkles (furikake) like they do in Japan


    Chico Rice

    We are so honored to have the award winning family farm Chico Rice in the August club! They are some of the only farmers who mill and pack their own rice. This means that all their rice comes from the same place and they know exactly how it was grown - responsibly, sustainably, and with the utmost love and care.⁠

    The rice is 100% CCOF and USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO⁠

    Every bag of rice they sell is lovingly hand-packed by the same farmers who grew it from the seed. ⁠ ⁠

    At Chico Rice, they bring unparalleled freshness to the consumer! Using their unique artisan rice mill, they can provide the freshest possible premium rice before the delicate flavors escape the grain. Until you smell and taste the difference between their fresh milled rice and the store-bought stuff, you won't realize what you've been missing!


    These delightful yellow beans are beloved in Coastal Mexico for refried beans. We love their smooth, buttery texture and rich golden broth, making a brothy bowl of these beans a meal in and of itself. They have a mildly sweet flavor and are one of our top picks for recipes calling for white beans, where their creaminess can shine. We're so excited to have these beans grown by a 4th generation woman farmer! 

    bean and cheese burrito

    The BEST Bean Burrito EVER starts with fresh, delicious Mayacoba beans. Use our recipe to create vegan refried beans without lard. Warning: the results are delicious and will ruin you for all other refried beans. 


    Primary Beans Founders


    Primary Beans is a brand-new, sister-founded purveyor of single-origin dried beans from recent harvests on a mission to place the almighty bean at the forefront of meals that are good for people and the planet.

    Linsey and Renee are fifth-generation Arizonans from a small town on the Mexican border. Like any border town kids, they grew up around the culture and flavors of Northern Mexico. Early on, they developed a deep appreciation for beans and were the kids asking for “no rice, only beans please” at the local restaurant.

    Turning their passion into a mission, the sisters created Primary Beans to deepen our connection to the food we eat and the land it comes from. They ethically source fresh, delicious beans from their network of family farms to deliver them to your table.


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