Chico Rice

Organic Blonde Sushi Rice

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This 100% organic rice is grown and milled in sunny California by a small family farm determined to change the way you think about rice. The Fresh Blonde Milled California Japonica won the Good Food Award and it's easy to see why. Blonde rice has a superior texture and the natural sweetness and nuttiness shines through, and is lightly milled in the "haiga-mai" style, so it features the health benefits of brown rice with the taste and texture of white rice.

Japonica is a medium grain rice grown in California and it's extremely versatile. It's sushi grade so we love it in our poke bowls and of course for sushi, but it's also amazing for a stir fry and even risotto. It's such a beautiful rice it will inspire all of your meals.

30 oz bag

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Judah Thiem
Top notch

This sushi rice is delicious and it’s so nice knowing it’s a bit healthier.

Pamela Bristol
Not usually a rice lover

We stayed on the farm while driving through CA bought some rice and became fans. I enjoy the brown rice immensely also

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