• Becky Blanca Hominy

    Mohawk chef, Dave Smoke McCluskey crafts hardwood ash washed hominy from heirloom corn in small batches to create his Becky Blanca Hominy. It's hard not to instantly think of the best Pazole you've ever had when you open the bag. The aroma is simply incredible. Chef Dave uses the techniques of his ancestors and the instincts of a chef in his unique Nixtamalization process which makes the hominy not only  more nutritious, it creates an intense corn flavor with a whisper of smoke. 

    This new addition to the Corn Mafia's lineup of hominy is really exciting. It's a landrace corn variety from Mexico known as Cacahuazintle, THE choice of Pozolero’s everywhere! Hands down the best hominy we've ever tasted.


    Dave Smoke McCluskey


    Once upon a pandemic a Mohawk chef found a new calling and the results are irresistible. Chef Dave Smoke McCluskey, founder of Corn Mafia closed his restaurant to pursue his passion for the most important of all indigenous ingredients, corn. These corns or O:nenhste as they say in Mohawk, are sourced from landrace, Indigenous farmed or organic sources.

    He fire roasts his hominy after washing it to give it a signature taste of the past. Some people think Indigenous foods are or were bland. These products are meant to act as a foil to such unadventurous thoughts. What’s old is new, what’s old will never leave us.

    Customer Reviews

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    Carol Ade
    Hominy hominy hominy

    It’s a very fun word to say! And it’s a fantastic addition to my pantry. I’ve only had canned hominy before this and I must say there is no comparison. It was chewy and had an earthy corn flavor. I added it
    to a potato and broccoli cream based soup with yummy results.

    Excellent hominy

    I hate waste, but could not eat the other hominy in my cupboard after purchasing this product. There is no comparison. A fantastic product to enhance your three sisters bowl recipe.


    Love this product; used it to make a beautiful pot of deer pashofa for my folks

    Fredric S Thompson
    Perfect for Three Sisters

    I ordered tepary beans and hominy for a Three Sisters recipe. (The third sister is squash.) The quality of both products is outstanding. Tepary beans are hard to find, and I really appreciate the fact that these are organic. Thank you to Foodocracy for making these traditional staples available!