Would Works

Would Works Cocktail Board

We found these gorgeous Would Work products at a small artisan booth at a local farmer's market and upon hearing their story, we were in love.  

Would works in an organization that provides a work opportunity for people who are homeless or living in poverty. Started in Los Angeles, Would Works creates and wood products that are hand-crafted by individuals who have an immediate financial need and are working towards a goal.  #heartmelt

Since the Roman Empire, oak has been used for the storage, fermentation, and flavoring of fine wines and spirits.  It only makes sense that your cocktail board should be made of this same strong yet sophisticated wood. Hand-crafted from white oak by a Would Works artisan, this is the solid choice for the craftsman behind the bar.

The Would Works Cocktail Board is a little board that makes a big difference. 

Product Details

  • 6" x 9" x .75"
  • Solid White Oak
  • Easy to maintain Mineral Oil Finish*

Your purchase gives a person experiencing homelessness or extreme poverty in Los Angeles's Skid Row the opportunity towork.

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