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Seed Ranch Co

Smoked Jalapeño Hot Sauce

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Of course we love Seed Ranch. They totally speak our language. They too believe that honest, clean, and sophisticated flavors shouldn't only be for special occasions. They hand select fresh, quality ingredients from farms around the world and with these ingredients they blend, stir, and simmer every sauce to its truest perfection.

This artisan hot sauce is handmade with organic, non-gmo, chipotle peppers, fresh carrots, cumin and garlic.  It gets its mild sweetness from only the carrots and dates, resulting in a smoky & sweet flavor profile.  For the dairy free it works lovely on eggs but honestly, I personally liked it on my quesadilla best.  For me, cheese anything + jalapeño = yum! 

A great daily go to sauce.  

Ingredient: White vinegar*, water, chipotle peppers*, carrots*, dates*, garlic*, cumin*

*Organic ingredients.  All non-GMO ingredients.  

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