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Geechie Boy Mill

Sean Brock's Jimmy Red Cornbread Mix

This is not the Jiffy Mix you grew up with! This is how cornbread should taste. Made from non-GMO heirloom corn and the highest quality ingredients from a recipe by legendary southern chef Sean Brock. 

It is important to know that this traditional cornbread is not sweet and is probably not what you're used to. There is a Southern sweet or not sweet cornbread debate.  Turns out prior to the 1800s sugar and honey were not added to cornbread. Like sweet cornbread? Go ahead and add some honey, or get the Jimmy Red Cornmeal and make our sweet cornbread recipe or use our Hopi Blue Cornbread Recipe (it works with either corn, but isn't it fun to try two ancient corns?).

Jimmy Red is the culmination of years of effort saving and growing seeds from an almost extinct Lowcountry heirloom corn. It isn't just any corn, and Marsh Hen Mill (Formerly Geechie Boy) isn't just any mill. Yellow on the stalk but blood red when dried, Jimmy Red has a very distinctive nutty-sweet flavor. Greg Johnsman mills the corn on his antique mill which runs at a slower speed than modern equipment to retain the corn's natural flavors.

Now protected in the Slow Food Ark of Taste, Jimmy Red was a Native American corn that made its way south to Florida, Georgia and the South Carolina Islands where it was largely used to create moonshine. It was not well known outside of bootlegger circles until the last of the bootleggers passed away and nearly took Jimmy Red with him. Lucky for us someone saved a couple of ears and gave them to a celebrated farmer and seed saver who found that this unique variety was good for much more than hooch.  Marsh Hen Mill is one of very few farms growing this special corn, thanks to the efforts of Sean Brock. The two of them have been dreaming of bringing this product to you for years and we are thrilled to have it available in our store. Serve it warm right out of the skillet with some honey and butter.

Get the recipe to our honey spiced compound butter here.

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Jimmy Red Cornmeal, Salt, Baking Powder, Baking Soda

16 Oz bag

Customer Reviews

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Marni Welch
One of my favorite cornbread baking mixes

This mix makes it so easy to make a spectacular cornbread or corn pancakes


Very different but we added some brown sugar to the mix and then topped it with a drizzle of brown sugar and butter…before baking it the second time around. Really nice change from Jiffy 😬😬😬.

Dan Pierson
3/4 cup of lard???!!!

Not sure I'll ever use this.

We totally get ya. We use butter when we make it, but you could use any oil or fat. We found it a bit dry with the butter so we added another 2 Tablespoons and that did the trick. If you are not using lard I'd recommend increasing the fat. This is a very different corn bread from most mixes. It is not at all sweet and it's less of a cake texture. I found that adding a big dollop of honey butter (I know, it's not on any diet) really made it sing.

Delicious with adjusting

I had read some reviews that his cornbread was a bit dry and not sweet. I guess Sean uses a generous helping of honey butter on top to balance the flavor. I like a more sweet cornbread so I added 3 tablespoons of honey and a couple tablespoons of butter. It was perfect. I still served with honey butter!

Elizabeth O
OK, but not great

I expected more of a corny flavor. I also found it too salty and (IMO, I know people divide on this one) it could have used a bit of sweet. I like a slightly grittier grind on the cornmeal, too. So - it was OK, but I was disappointed.

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