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Rancho Gordo

Rancho Gordo - Cranberry Bean

Rancho Gordo beans by Steve Sando are kinda a big deal. It started as a hobby of growing heirloom beans and figuring out different ways to cook them and quickly led to farmer’s markets. When the people started loving all the varieties he grew, as much as Steve did, he knew he was onto something good. 

These Cranberry Heirloom Beans are no different. This versatile and velvety, thin-skinned bean produces a rich, indulgent bean broth. While Cranberry is an odd name for a lovely, versatile bean which has been bred around the world to become Madeira, Borlotti, Tounges of Fire, Wren’s Egg and more. With so many names, it's clear it can be used in almost any dish that beans are needed for. 

We tried it in a traditional pasta e fagioli, and it was really superb.  The way the bean sauce, coated each noodle so evenly with it's rich bean broth, it was love at first taste.  Sluuuurppp.       

The folks at Rancho Gordo, aka Bean Mecca like to simply enjoy a bowl of Cranberry beans with poached chicken pieces, drizzled with a fruity local olive oil.  Sounds delish to us! 



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