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Farm Cup

Single Origin Coffee - Burundi Africa | Mutana Hill

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Single Origin: Burundi | 100% Arabica Coffee

Farm Cup's very first African coffee is one of their best and it supports a family owned farming project that is changing lives.  Created in partnership with Long Miles Project and Component Coffee Lab this is a very special coffee bean.

Setting up in one of the most marginalized countries in the world, Ben and Kristy Carlson of the Long Miles Coffee Project hope to unlock the potential of coffee. They use coffee-growing as a catalyst for transforming not only the land, but an entire community of people. They've built relationships with both growers and roasters to improve the process of growing and picking coffee.

Quality is very important to them, which is why they built the Heza washing station. Growers from surrounding farms bring their coffee to this central location where innovation is met with sustainability. They source their water from two springs that channel rain water into the station.

This batch of coffee comes from the hills of Mutana, where a variety of crops are grown and harvested. It's the juiciest coffee we've ever tasted, with bright notes of strawberries and hibiscus, and a smooth toffee finish.

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