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Tocha Tea

Morning Pick-me-up Organic Black Tea

Morning Pick-Me-Up certified organic tea has the fragrance of purifying osmanthus flowers and is the perfect complement to the subtle sweetness of whole leaf black tea. It quenches your thirst and revitalizes your spirit with this smooth, full-bodied blend tea; ideal for kick-starting your morning or uplifting your afternoon.  

If you're looking for an organic tea that warms your soul and makes you happy, this line of Tocha teas is your answer. “What does TOCHA (pronounced toll-cha) mean?” you ask?  In Chinese, “to” means “contented” or “happy,” and “cha” is a name for tea. So TOCHA simply means HAPPY TEA! Which is truly the feeing you get when you enjoy a nice warm cup of tea.  

TOCHA is a women owned company that gives back 5% of their profit to support clean water projects worldwide.Their small batch organic teas are lovingly crafted in America using Chinese traditions for healing, health and delightful wellness

Tasting Notes: Subtly sweet, smooth, full-bodied with a fragrant floral note

About the Maker:  

Venus Tsui turned to traditional Chinese herbal remedies and teas after the birth of her first child. She created her own tea blends for wellness and found that they helped to pick her up on cloudy days and boost her active lifestyle. The impact of these simple teas on her entire family got her thinking about how I could share their benefits with others, too. Motivated by this wonderful shift in wellness, she started her journey, which eventually led to the formation of TOCHA Organic Teas.

Comes in a 37.5g canister with 15 biodegradable sachets

Ingredients: Organic Whole Leaf Black Tea (China), Organic Osmanthus Flowers (China) 


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