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Laura Ann Jams

Manhattan Magic Jam

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This delightfully grown up artisanal jam is the perfect pairing for cheese, amazing on ice cream,  and it's the secret ingredient in our OMG grilled PBJ. The fruity, darkly sweet flavor of a Manhattan in a jar — a GOOD Manhattan, too! Cherries infused with rye whiskey, sweet vermouth and a dash of bitters.

Growing up in a Manhattan-drinking family, this was the first cocktail Laura Ann learned how to make. So naturally when she started making jams, this flavor was a must, hence she likes to claim that this jam has been a lifetime in the making!  And when you taste it, you will understand how all that practice has made it so perfect to compliment so much! 

All of Laura Anna Jams are made using local and when available organic fruits and herbs.  Seasonality plays significant role in the flavors she creates so grab them while you can because they may not be around for long.  

Laura Ann Jams is a punk rock drummer turned into a jam-making superstar.  She is the epitome of finding her purpose through an unpredictable path. And when you taste her jams, you will be very thankful she did.

Comes in a 8oz jar.  

Cheese Pairing ideas: Tomme de Chevre (soft goat), Granello di Bufala (a semi hard raw buffalo milk)

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