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American Vinegar Works

IPA Beer Malt Vinegar

This unique IPA beer malt vinegar is practically begging to be added to sauces, soups, fish and anything that needs a hit of acid and a delectable malty finish. When we read about this one in 

Made from a Massachusetts craft IPA this vinegar is malty and tangy leaving you with a slight mouth water finish from the hops. It is slow fermented in small batches using a unique process from the early 1800s and aged in 25-gallon American oak barrels.

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Customer Reviews

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Like malt vinegar, but more mellow

I love this vinegar. In my efforts to eat more healthfully, I've cut back on fats and salt--so acid is very important to add flavor. As a result, I have a cabinet full of vinegars and this one definitely stands out. It's similar in flavor to malt vinegar, but a little less sharp and with more depth.

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