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Ramona Farms

Organic Hopi Blue Cornmeal

This very rare ingredient is sustainable grown from heirloom seeds passed down from generation to generation in the Hopi tribe and grown by Ramona Farms. It is stone ground to a very fine cornmeal that has a more nutty taste than yellow cornmeal. It creates a delicate cornmeal that ranges in color between blue/grey and a more pinkish hue due to some parching of the corn in the stone milling.  

The distinctive flavor of the Hopi Blue Cornmeal is unlike any cornmeal you've ever had before. It has a decidedly southwestern taste that makes amazing cornbread, tamales and blue corn cakes. Note that this is not nixtamalized corn so it will not make tortillas. 

24 oz. bag

Customer Reviews

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Clean and sweet

This cornmeal is like flour, very fine ground, and it has a mild sweet cake-like taste to me. It is really good. But if you want a coarse ground meal, this is not it.

Bashiran Travis
Blue cornmeal

Delicious! So happy to have access to such great product.

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