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Hello Darkness Coffee Gift Set


The perfect gift for your under caffeinated friends! This isn't just any coffee, it's single origin coffee from Farm Cup. We've paired their amazing coffee with a beautiful reclaimed spoon that is hand stamped "Hello Darkness My Old Friend"  for this perfect gift combination.

Farm Cup works with small farms around the world to create the most flavorful and ethical single origin coffees. They purchase directly from the farmers in order to give them maximum profit and use a percentage of sales to support causes that benefit the region in which the coffee was farmed. Each coffee is as unique and special as the community that grew it.

Burundi Africa - Mutana Hill

Farm Cup's very first African coffee is one of their best and it supports a family owned farming project that is changing lives.  Created in partnership with Long Miles Project and Component Coffee Lab this is a very special coffee bean. This batch of coffee comes from the hills of Mutana, where a variety of crops are grown and harvested. It's the juiciest coffee we've ever tasted, with bright notes of strawberries and hibiscus, and a smooth toffee finish.

Papua New Guinea Kainantu (Organic)

This organic coffee is not only delicious it supports farmers and helps with wildlife preservation.  Kainantu coffee has notes of raspberry, peach, and cacao. It also makes a great cold brew. 

Kainantu rests on the eastern highlands of Papua New Guinea. The culturally rich country consists of over 600 islands and the largest intact rainforest outside the amazon. Surrounded by lush mountains, warm waters, and beautiful coral reefs, you'll find adventure at every corner.

Santa Isabel Guatemala (Organic)

This high quality hard-bean organic coffee comes from a family owned farm that is certified by the Rainforest Alliance. It produces an extremely smooth and velvety cup with just the right amount of citrus. The end result is reminiscent of an orange creamsicle. 

Ravaged by a coffee leaf rust disease in 2012,Finca Santa Isabel has revamped their entire coffee farm. They now grow varietals that are more immune to this disease, while also giving the coffee plants more space and shade to grow. Their focus shifted from quantity to quality. They are now the second farm in Guatemala to be certified by the Rainforest Alliance. In addition to providing homes for many local and migratory birds, they also provide a natural grazing area for local short-haired sheep.

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