Kill Sauce

Ghost Hot Sauce

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The Ghost sauce is one of our favorite hot sauces with a unique mix of berries and ghost pepper.  It has a subtle sweetness followed by the kill shot of ghost that will satisfy all the heat seekers out there.

Deep's Review: It was the first one I tried, because as most that know me, know that I like it HOT! And let me tell you, this sauce was LOVE at first taste. I mean sure, it's spicy on it's own but as in accompaniment to other foods, it's like a wiser sibling that guides the path for you. This Ghost sauce has prominent tastes of  blackberry and raspberry along with pomegranate and balsamic vinegar. My fave ways to use it are with various cheeses, eggs of course and a few drops to help take my margarita to the next level.

Lisa's Review: This amazing hot sauce is very versatile. Add it to a margarita and you'll be in heaven. I'm more of a mild to medium hot sauce girl so straight up this one is too much for me but I love adding it to things for complexity and back end heat. It's a cocktail's best friend and you can even put it on ice cream (seriously, try it). 

Kill Sauce started in 2013 when Ryan and his dad started making all sorts of hot sauce in their home kitchen and sharing with their friends and family. When they received unanimous feedback on how tasty their sauces were, Kill Sauce was born. Since birth, Kill Sauce has been vague.

Vague like a cartel who has a purpose of his own and shows up in different flavor profiles. In this case, he's known as the Habenero cartel and he's not shady. All he wants to do is add more flavor to your food. Naturally we invited him in to our store so we can share his good stuff with you.

Kill Sauce is made in Los Angeles. It's low in salt & sugar, and contains no preservatives or GMOs. It is the all-natural hot sauce with a perfect balance of heat and flavor courtesy of the Habanero Cartel. Use Liberally. Live Longer.  

Come in a 5oz/140ml glass bottle.  


Blackberry Ghost Margarita

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