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Girl Meets Dirt

Shiro Plum with Mint Spoon Preserves

This 2 time Good Food Award winner is one of the first preserves by Girl Meets Dirt and it's a staff favorite. The Shiro Plum with Mint is an unforgettable combination of sweet and tart with a whisper of mint. Don't think mint jelly, it's a very subtle hint on the back end to give the jam a unique finish. The not too sweet, not too tart taste combined with the luscious texture of the spoon preserves make it almost irresistible to eat right from the jar.

The shiro plum is a beloved backyard tree on the West coast. The fruit is incredibly sweet and so juicy you almost drink, rather than eat it. It gives this jam the taste and texture of something your grandmother would have made. Dipping a spoon into the jar and pulling out a heaping spoonful of this unforgettable jam is luxurious. It makes you feel like a kid in Grandma's kitchen eating right out of the jar you've just pulled from the pantry shelf. If your jar makes it off the kitchen counter try it spooned over ice cream or pound cake or a baked brie, serve it alongside pork chops, duck or lamb and of course it's perfect with cheese. 

Ingredients: shiro plums, organic cane sugar, organic lemon juice, mint leaves.

7.75 ounces.

Handmade on Orcas Island

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Less is more
Sorry that you didn't find it as exciting as we do. We try a LOT of jams so one of the things we love is that it's a more unique pairing. The 'spoon preserves' from Girl Meets Dirt are not a typical jam texture, they are designed to be spooned over cheese, ice cream, biscuits, etc. I think you would like the offerings from Laura Ann Jams which are more traditional.

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