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Ocean's Balance

Bonito Seaweed Sprinkle

Bonito Seaweed Sprinkle (furikake) adds a savory all natural umami richness to just about anything! Made with organic seaweed that is sustainably harvested from the clean waters of Maine, it is packed with nutrients for a healthy YOU and a healthy planet.

Furikake is a Japanese condiment you'll find on popular poke bowls but Ocean's Balance has given it a twist with bonito flakes and taken the health factor up with only clean pure ingredients. And it's a delicious way to include vitamin- and mineral-rich seaweed in your diet.  

We love to sprinkle delicious mixture on stir fry or just plain rice for a simple side dish. These seaweed sprinkles really up the game on everything from grilled fish to tomato soup. You'll love experimenting with it and adding a bit of Japanese flair to everything. 

Comes in a 1.7oz resealable (and recyclable) stand up pouch / 29 teaspoon servings  

Ingredients: Bonito flakes (dried tuna), Kombu (seaweed), White Sesame Seeds, Black Sesame Seeds, Sugar, Salt


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