Pacific Flake

Pacific Flake Artisanal Sea Salt Flakes


Simply the best sea salt you'll find. We searched for over a year to find the perfect artisanal sea salt. We finally found it in Pacific Flake. This small batch, undiscovered gem was known only to chefs and the lucky few locals who could get their hands on it. Hand harvested from the clean waters of Northern California and slowly fire evaporated for superior texture, this has become the cornerstone of all our cooking.

Now you can add it to your repertoire too! Large flakey crystals add satisfying crunch yet they are light enough to melt in your mouth. The flavor is packed with a punch and it compliments everything from simple avocado toast to chocolate brownies.    

4 oz resealable stand up pouch.  


Pacific Flake Sea Salt Harvestry was started back in 2014 by Bryon Duty when his mom was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and he began searching for clean foods for a clean diet.

Salt is one o the most important ingredients needed for human survival, and finding our simple sea salt is almost impossible today. 97% of all salt harvested is used for industrial purposes, with a majority of the rest having anti-caking agents added during the manufacturing process.

In his research Bryon was able to find small batch culinary sea salt all over the world, but non in California. So he set out on a quest to make the finest and purest culinary sea salt possible.

Bryon and his family hand harvest every batch of sea salt and slowly fire evaporate it for purity and texture in Humboldt California. 


What's In Your Salt?

Chocolate Sea Salt Cookies

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Customer Reviews

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Carol Ade
My Finishing Touch

I love using these flaky salty gems as a finisher. A few flakes on top of the brownie, the cookie or the drink. They add the perfect salty punch.

Karen K.
The Absolute BEST EVER!!!!

We buy this product in the largest quantity available. We LOVE this finishing salt. There is nothing else that even compares!!!

Donna Young
The very Best

Pacific Flake Sea Salt is THE VERY BEST!! It's the only one I usa.

Best salt ever....

Absolutely LOVE this Pacific Flake Salt. No other salt like it!!! Thank you

Marilyn Turner

Love the salt

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