Laura Ann Jams

Bourbon Blood Orange Marmalade

This gourmet jam combines the bright, citrus flavor of locally sourced mediteranian blood oranges with the signature earthiness of Kentucky bourbon whiskey, providing a unique marmalade that isn't too sweet or too tart. Shake with ice and your favorite whiskey for a fabulous cocktail, add a dollop to your cheese plate, whisk in some extra bourbon and drizzle on pound cake, or add to a grilled cheese sandwich.  The options are truly endless! 

Laura Ann Jams is a punk rock drummer turned into a jam-making superstar.  She is the epitome of finding her purpose through an unpredictable path.  And when you taste her jams, you will be very thankful she did.  

All of Laura Anna Jams are made using local and when available organic fruits and herbs.  Seasonality plays significant role in the flavors she creates so grab them while you can because they may not be around for long.  

Comes in a 8oz jar.  

Customer Reviews

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Cynthia Jameson
Excellent marmalade

I like bourbon and I like blood oranges but I really, REALLY like Bourbon Blood Orange Marmalade. Just the right consistency and texture and the flavor is not overly sweet. I’m only allowing myself a tablespoon at a time to make it last longer.

Exceeded expectations!

This is outstanding. I received it and immediately made a grilled cheese sandwich with this included (cheddar, sharp). Comfort food is called for these days but this did zhuzh it up, just as suggested! Spouse raved about the one bite I shared, too. ;)

Marian Fedak
Delicious variation of orange marmalade

I purchased this product to make thumbprint cookies. Regretfully, they will not get made. I kept "tasting" the marmaade with crackers and it is almost gone. I guess I have to buy another jar!

Theresa P.
Bourbon blood orange marmalade

I absolutely love this marmalade! The bourbon in it is just a hint, that gives it the right kick, so that it’s not too sweet! Which I love! I smear it all over my toast in the morning. I have to buy more! I also bet it would be good over top of grilled chicken as well! Just thinking out loud! :smiley:

It's great on chicken! If you are grilling, apply it after cooking the chicken a bit so it doesn't burn. Try the bacon candy recipe on our site it's crazy good.

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