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Old Dog Ranch

Old Dog Ranch Organic Walnuts


New Flavors Added!

Whiskey Spiced - A touch of sweetness and holiday spice makes these one of the best nuts we've ever tasted. First Old Dog Ranch infuses non-GMO whiskey with organic fair-trade vanilla beans, then they toast homegrown organic Chandler walnuts with the infused whiskey, organic sugar, and spices. They are simply irresistible.

Mexican Hot Chocolate - A sweet treat with a kick! Their Mexican Hot Chocolate Walnuts are slow-roasted with super-rich high-fat Dutch cocoa powder, organic cinnamon, organic sugar, and Old Dog Ranch’s own organic cayenne. Mostly sweet but with a tiny bit of heat.

Preserved Meyer Lemon, Cumin and Aleppo Pepper - They toast homegrown organic Chandler walnuts with a savory mix of home made organic salt preserved local meyer lemons, organic toasted cumin, and some Old Dog Ranch grown organic Aleppo pepper, and organic olive oil. Savory snacking elevated!

Old Dog Ranch is a fifth-generation family farm on the Calaveras River in San Joaquin County, California. Their family has lived and farmed at the ranch since 1912. 

Growing up on the ranch (which is named for two of the family’s beloved, long-lived canine companions), Mollie Sitkin loved experimenting with ingredients picked from the fields and orchards just outside her kitchen door.

Today, Mollie makes the Old Dog Ranch line of walnut snacks and walnut butters with organic Chandler walnuts from an orchard her father planted the year she was born.

Customer Reviews

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My dog's review

Unfortunately the delivery was sat on the ground instead of the 'delivery' box. The smell had my dog chew through the box and only leave cardboard as evidence. I'll be trying a new purchase soon. But yeah....Shadow gives these nuts 4paws up!

Sherry Dolly

These are simply delicious and quite addictive. The flavor is bold but not overpowering with the perfect touch of sweetness.


Had both the whisky spiced and the Preserved Meyer Lemon and loved them both. The Whisky Spiced is slightly sweet without being too sugary, lightly spiced and walnuts that are creamy and delicious with none of the bitter taste you get from walnuts from the grocery store. The Preserved Meyer Lemon is maybe my favorite because it's not sweet at all and has complex flavors that unfold as you continue to enjoy them. Yummy.

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