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World's Rarest Honey Flight

The perfect gift for chefs and food lovers, this limited edition collection has 5 of the rarest honey varietals recognized in the Slow Food Ark of Taste. This exclusive honey flight gives you a chance to enjoy unique and endangered single source honey varietals from around the country and learn about the master beekeepers behind them.

Foraging for up to 6 miles from the hive, a honey bee collects pollen from any source she can find. This produces a wildflower honey, which is a mix of pollen sources. A single varietal honey however is something very special. The bees must forage on only one plant, and these plants are often only in bloom a few weeks each year. It requires expert bee-keeping to chase the bloom in dwindling untamed habitats and produce these very rare honeys.

This very limited edition flight is the first time all 5 honeys can be tasted side by side. Including a flavor wheel, tasting notes, a honey dipper and a guide for your own tasting adventure.


  • Sourwood (2oz)
  • Tupelo (2oz)
  • Gallberry (2oz) 
  • White Kiawe (3oz)
  • Ohi'a Lehua (3oz)
  • Honey dipper
  • Flavor wheel
  • Digital Tasting Experience
  • Tasting notes

Customer Reviews

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Frederic Deschamps

The variety gives a compelling overview of what this multi-dimensional product can be. It’s like taking a trip by way of the types of honey. Nicely done Foodocracy.

Wow! Stunning!

Thank you Foodocracy for supporting the Slow Food Movement! I won this incredible flight of Ark of Taste honey in the Slow Food USA raffle, which Foodocracy had donated in support of the Slow Food Resilience Fund for small farmers and food businesses. Each honey is delicious in its own completely unique way. My family loved going through the tasting and information packet describing each honey together -- it was so special and felt luxurious to taste honeys that are so rare and difficult to produce. An excellent present for anyone who needs a pick-me-up -- and a great excuse to have a party with your pod. Highly recommend!

Beautiful presentation

Exciting to behold...excellent wrapping, sealed with product information and layers to unravel. Recyclable and well designed packing material.

An Exclusive Limited Edition

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