air fryer taquitos

Air Fryer Bean Taquitos

vegan basil white bean spread

Basil White Bean Spread

coconut cashew bliss balls

Coconut Almond Bliss Balls

Sorry not sorry, these decadent bliss balls are guilt free bites of deliciousness that you'll be reaching for anytime you want a snack or a treat without the guilt.
Maple Pumpkin Poptarts

Maple Pumpkin Pop Tarts

Making your own gourmet Pop-Tarts at home couldn't be easier. A delectable maple pumpkin butter hand crafted by Laura Ann's Jams is the secret that makes them simple yet irresistible.

Sweet and Spicy Espelette Pepitas

Sweet and Spicy Espelette Pepitas

These easy to make pepitas are the perfect party snack, but they're also great for everything from sprinkling on salads to topping soups or sweet potato puree.
Smoked Maple Pecan Crack

Smoked Maple Pecan Crack

Spicy black bean dip with black tepary beans

Spicy Tepary Black Bean Dip

Spicy Sweet Potato Wedges

Spicy Sweet Potato Wedges

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