Light and refreshing, this cocktail is dangerously delicious. You could easily sit down and sip these all day long. Herbalicious syrup by Pink House Alchemy pairs perfectly with the sweet/tart flavors of Meyer lemon. This unforgettable syrup is a magical combination of garden grown lavender, mint, rosemary and thyme and simple syrup. It's like they bottled the taste of spring. It works wonders in cocktails but you can use it to substitute for sugar in many recipes. Try our Meyer Lemon Herbalicious Sorbet.

If Meyers aren't available any lemon will do but you may need to add more herbalicious to balance the tartness. It works equally well without the vodka for a mocktail, or with Gin instead of Vodka.

1 Tablespoon Herbalicious

Juice of 2 Meyer lemons 

2 oz. Vodka *optional

Club Soda or Sparkling Water


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