These cozy cocktails have sugar and spice and everything nice for your autumn evenings and holiday celebrations!

The Fall Quarantini

The Fall Quarantini cocktail

This refreshing cocktail is like a cosmo in a wool sweater. Fresh plum with cranberry and mulling spices with a hint of cardamom for the ultimate fall martini.

2 parts Vodka + 1 part Autumn Spice Syrup + 1 part lime juice + 10 drops cardamom bitters.


Bourbon Harvest Moon

Bourbon Harvest Moon cocktail

Ever used vinegar in your cocktails? We're using the smokey hot vinegar from American Vinegars in this autumn chiller. The pear and apple cider hot vinegar is truly a stunner in everything from sauces and salads to cocktails. It takes the place of lemon or lime in the cocktail to create a balance of acid. The smoke and faintest hint of heat plays beautifully with the Autumn Spice syrup and a good bourbon.

2 parts bourbon + 1 part Autumn Syrup + 1/2 part Hot Vinegar + Club soda

The Smoked Apple Crush

Nothing could be more fall than apple cider. Combined with bourbon, smoked maple syrup and a dash or orange its fall in a glass.

2 ounces Rye Whiskey + 3/4 ounces Smoked Maple Syrup + 4 ounces apple cider + 10 dashes orange bitters.

Not Your Mama's Mule

Spice up your mule .
2 ounces Tequila + 1 part Ginger Syrup + 1 part Mexican Chili Syrup + Club Soda + fresh squeezed lime juice + slices of jalapeño.

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