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Would Works is changing the lives of people living in poverty one hand crafted cutting board at a time.

Would Works changes the lives of people living in poverty with hand crafted cutting boards.The Story

Crafted by people who are in immediate financial need, the beautiful wood products from Los Angeles-based Would Works don’t just look great in your home – they also provide hope and a way for workers to meet their financial goals.




Hand crafted cutting boards provide employment and empowerment to the disenfranchised in Los Angeles.

Employment specialists and case workers refer the would-be artisans to Would Works with a specific financial goal in mind. The attendees will leave Would Works workshops with pay, new and transferable skills, and a recent job reference. gorgeous handmade cutting boards, candle holders, bottle openers, and more!

What they Would Work for…

Connor Johnson worked as a case worker in a homeless shelter during his year of service with Americorps in 2009. Afterward, Connor began thinking of ways that he could empower the disenfranchised.

During his time as a case manager, it was common to hear people say that they “would work if…”, so Connor decided to remove the obstacles that were blocking the path to success.

Artisans at Would Works

Whether the artisan is working toward a bus ticket home or new glasses, your purchase brings everyone closer to their goals. Your hand crafted board comes with a tag with the artisan’s name and what your purchased help them achieve.


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