Do you want to feel good and do good? TOCHA Organic Tea offers deeper sleep and more energy without relying on caffeine or other harmful stimulants. An added bonus? 5% of every purchase helps fund clean water organizations around the world!  

The Story

TOCHA is founded by Venus Tsui and is located in Washington state. Every tea is based on the ancient Chinese premise that food and medicine are from the same source.

After the birth of her daughter, Tsui found herself exhausted and waking up every hour. Even after the baby’s sleep improved, the disruptions continued. With her health and wellbeing were suffering, Tsui began seeking out a solution. Tsui was still breastfeeding, so she looked specifically for options safe for her baby. Tsui turned to a gift from her mother: a book of old Chinese remedies. Focusing on remedies that promised improved sleep quality and brain function, Tsui turned to homemade teas to aid in her everyday wellness. “They really helped to pick me up on cloudy days and boost my active lifestyle,” Tsui says.

Tsui now shares the benefits of TOCHA Organic Teas with people looking to increase their general wellness while consuming a delicious drink.  

Creating a Better Product for You and the Environment

TOCHA teas are made from the same foods as many Chinese dishes and contain only certified organic ingredients, ensuring the safety of consumption for mothers and nursing babies. 

TOCHA Organic Teas’ commitment to wellness doesn’t end with the consumer! It also takes its commitment to the environment seriously by promoting sustainable and responsible agriculture and using only biodegradable and recyclable materials for packaging. With its own initiative, Tea for Water, TOCHA helps to fund clean water projects worldwide by donating 5% of each tea sold!

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